The door of the icebox is open. <<set $PlumsNoticed = true>>\n\n<<if $PlumsTaken eq false>>\nInside you see a pair of [[plums]].\n<<else>>\nThe icebox is empty. <<if $PlumsEaten eq false>>You hold a pair of [[plums]] in your hand.<<endif>>\n<<endif>>\n\nYou might [[close the door|icebox]].\n\n
You close your eyes for a moment and let the plums settle in your stomach.\n\n* [[they were delicious]]\n* [[they were so-so]]
body {\ncolor: #554433;\nbackground-color: #ddccbb;\nfont-size: 12px;\n}\n\n.internalLink {\ncolor: #345 !important;\n}
Florence must have only put these in just before coming to bed; they are still nearly room temperature. Perhaps it was her laying down that disturbed you into wakefulness?\n\n<<set $PlumsAreCold = false>> <<display "are they sweet">>
You can't sleep. <<set $PlumsNoticed = false>> <<set $PlumsTaken = false>> <<set $PlumsEaten = false>> <<set $ClockNoticed = false>> <<set $HeardSnore = false>>\n\n<<display "the kitchen">>
You leave the plums where they are.\n\n<<display "icebox door">>
You replace the plums in the icebox. <<set $PlumsTaken = false>>\n\n<<display "icebox door">>
You pick up the two plums with your hand. <<set $PlumsTaken = true>>\n\n<<display "icebox door">>
Yes, those plums really hit the spot.\n\n<<set $PlumsAreDelicious = true>> <<display "chuck the pits">>
The kitchen is nearly silent in the [[early morning|A broken clock]]; you hear only the humming of the [[icebox]] and Florence's gentle breathing in the [[bedroom|Florence sleeps]].\n\n<<if $PlumsTaken eq true and $PlumsEaten eq false>>You hold a pair of [[plums]] in your hand.<<endif>>
You bite into the plums. <<set $PlumsEaten = true>>\n\n* [[the plums are cold]]\n* [[the plums are warm]]
You glance into the bedroom where Florence is sleeping restfully. Your insomnia doesn't seem to be contagious, but you'd rather not disturb her in any case. <<if $HeardSnore eq false>>As you turn back to the kitchen, you hear a quiet snore play out.<<set $HeardSnore = true>><<endif>>\n\n<<display "the kitchen">>
As you swallow, the juice of the plums lingers on your tongue.\n\n* [[the plums are sweet]]\n* [[the plums are tart]]
William Can't Sleep
<<if $PlumsTaken eq false>>\nThe plums sit in the icebox. You consider whether to [[take them|take the plums]] or to [[leave them be|leave the plums be]].\n<<else>>\nYou hold the plums in your hand. You're tempted to [[eat them|eat the plums]], but you could also [[put them back]] where you got them.\n<<endif>>\n
The icebox is a small white Zenith refrigerator unit in the corner of [[the kitchen]]. It has a single [[door|icebox door]], from which hangs a magnetic [[notepad]] and pen.\n\n<<if $PlumsTaken eq true and $PlumsEaten eq false>>You hold a pair of [[plums]] in your hand.<<endif>>\n\n
The notepad is a cheap little thing, just a sheaf of fifty or so sheets of long, narrow paper held together by an adhesive binding and a magnet glued to the back. Florence uses it for grocery lists and such. The words "This Is Just To Say" are printed at the top of each page.\n\n* [[write a note]]\n* [[not right now|icebox]]
The restlessness that woke you has passed. You go to the bedroom and lay yourself quietly down next to Florence and close your eyes; you sleep, and dream of white chickens and red wheelbarrow.\n\n ~ ~ ~
All in all, you've had better plums.\n\n<<set $PlumsAreDelicious = false>> <<display "chuck the pits">>
The plums are just short of too ripe; the soft flesh is sweet, the juice almost cloying. <<set $PlumsAreSweet = true>>\n\n<<display "are they delicious">>
The flesh of the plums is cold on your tongue; your teeth, more and more sensitive to the cold as time goes by, ache mildly. You shiver briefly in the chill of the kitchen.\n\n<<set $PlumsAreCold = true>> <<display "are they sweet">>
Too young! The flesh of the plums is firm, the juice tart. You wrinkle your nose instinctively.\n\n<<set $PlumsAreSweet = false>> <<display "are they delicious">>
<<if $PlumsTaken eq true and $PlumsEaten eq false>>You set the plums on the counter next to the sink.<<endif>>\n\nGathering your thoughts, you scribble a short note for Florence, who always seems to wake before you do.\n\nThis Is Just To Say\n\n<<if $PlumsNoticed eq false>>\nHad trouble \nsleeping\n\n <<if $HeardSnore eq true>>\ndid you know \nyou snore \nsometimes\n\nnot loudly \njust a cat's purr\n\n <<endif>>\n\n <<if $ClockNoticed eq true>>\nWe should have\nthat clock \nin the kitchen \nrepaired\n\n <<endif>>\n<<else>>\n <<if $PlumsTaken eq false>>\nI have noticed\nthe plums\nthat are in\nthe icebox\n\nand which\nwe are probably\nhaving\nfor breakfast\n\nI hope\nthey'll be delicious\nbe cold\nand be sweet\n <<else>>\n <<if $PlumsEaten eq false>>\nI have removed\nthe plums\nthat were in\nthe icebox\n\nand which\nI'd prefer\nto be warm\nat breakfast\n\nForgive me\nmy teeth\ncan't handle\nthe cold\n <<else>>\nI have eaten\nthe plums\nthat were in\nthe icebox\n\nand which\nyou were probably\nsaving\nfor breakfast\n\nForgive me\n <<if $PlumsAreDelicious eq true>>\nthey were delicious\n <<else>>\nthey were middling\n <<endif>>\n <<if $PlumsAreSweet eq true>>\nso sweet\n <<else>>\ntoo tart\n <<endif>>\n <<if $PlumsAreCold eq true>>\nand so cold\n <<else>>\nand so tepid\n <<endif>>\n <<endif>>\n <<endif>>\n<<endif>>\n\n-- Bill\n\n* [[you feel you could sleep]]
<<if $ClockNoticed eq false>>\nYou look at the clock on the wall; it has been broken for a while now, but you wouldn't know where to begin with fixing it. You are certain it's not 7:38; you'd guess more like quarter past two. <<set $ClockNoticed = true>>\n<<else>>\nMaybe there's a watchmaker in town who could fix the clock? Hrm. Look in the phonebook tomorrow, perhaps.\n<<endif>>\n\n<<display "the kitchen">>
Josh Millard
You throw the plum pits into the trash. \n\n<<display "icebox">>